Shout Out from Better Living Through Beowulf

Published September 20, 2019 by Philip Ivory


My thanks to Robin Bates at the excellent literary blog Better Living Through Beowulf. He penned a gracious shout out to my blog post of late last year in which I harnessed the brilliance of quotes by Lewis Carroll to try to make sense of the lunacy of Donald J. Trump’s administration. Click on the illustration above to read his review.

I’ve thought about doing a sequel to my post, since there are many more wonderful Lewis Carroll nuggets to highlight. But to be honest, the mindless anarchy and rampant corruption of the Trump administration has continued to reach such mind-boggling depths of venality and inhumanity that I’m not sure what else can be said. I think Carroll, the Oxford scholar and gentleman, might say: “Enough! Please leave me out of this!”

Let’s face it. There is no bandersnatch frumious enough to make sense of putting innocent children in cages. 

That depressing thought aside, please take time to explore Robin’s wonderful site. My thanks to him for his words of recognition. And if you want to revisit my original post, just click here: THE STUPIDEST TEA PARTY.


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