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Start Your Year With a Writing Class

Published January 9, 2023 by Philip Ivory

New Classes are Starting Soon! In-person Classes are Back!

The Writers Studio Tucson is offering live, in-person classes for new and returning students. Students for in-person classes need to be fully vaccinated and willing to follow safety protocols. Both in-person classes are being held at Sky Islands Public High School, 6000 E 14th Street, Tucson. Follow the links for more information.


Wednesday Workshop, starting January 25th with Betsy Mahaffey

Take this class if you are a beginning student or a returning workshop student.…/tucson-workshop…

Thursday Intermediate, starting January 26th with Phil Ivory

It’s recommended you take one workshop before taking this class, although in some cases new students can also be accommodated.…/tucson-workshop…

Master Class, starting Monday January 24th with Reneé Bibby

PLEASE NOTE: The Master Class will still be conducted online for the time being.…/tucson-master…

The Writers Studio will help you unlock your beautiful creative ideas and develop them into effective and impactful pieces of writing. Through weekly exercises, we’ll help you learn about voice, craft techniques and persona writing. (Don’t know what persona writing is? Find out by attending our no-obligation free class, details above.) Whether writing fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction, students have discovered that our classes are a fantastic way to bring their unique material to vibrant life.

Contact Reneé at if you’re unsure of which class to take, or if you’re a beginning student but aren’t yet comfortable with joining other students in person. We have other learning options available.

Register today! Make sure to use the discount code: tucsonwinter23.

UPCOMING CLASS: Online Writing About Childhood

Published January 3, 2023 by Philip Ivory

Starting January 28, I’ll be teaching a new session of my six-week class, Online Writing About Childhood.

CLICK HERE to register.

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Childhood from the perspective of an adult writer can seem like “another country,” a strange land where our powers, responsibilities and perceptions were vastly different. And yet it is the place we all come from. And while the lens through which we viewed the world as children may have seemed innocent and magical, our sensibilities were always vulnerable to the hard truths of encroaching adulthood.

In this class, we will examine techniques and voices crafted by celebrated writers of poetry and prose such as Sandra Cisneros, Seamus Heaney, and Ray Bradbury. How did they use imagination and memory to regain a foothold in childhood’s not-so-distant realm, conjuring its wonder, joy, and pain? Whether working in poetry, prose, or creative nonfiction, can we apply similar voices and techniques to our own unique material? Let’s bring the world and experience of childhood to vibrant life again through our creative work.

This class is open to all writers of poetry and prose, including new and returning Writers Studio students. Each week, students write a two-page exercise based on the week’s model. Then, during a two-hour, live Google Meet session, students present their work and receive feedback from their fellow classmates and from the teacher. The last fifteen minutes of the class are spent reading and discussing the following week’s model, using the Writers Studio method of analyzing persona and narrative technique. The Google Meet sessions are not recorded.

Sign up soon before the class fills up.