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Too Late To Be Outraged By Trump

Published January 7, 2021 by Philip Ivory



It’s TOO LATE to walk away from the 45th president.

It’s TOO LATE to be outraged, if you haven’t been outraged yet.

It’s TOO LATE, if you stood by him after he …

Smugly boasted about committing sexual assault

Insulted a grieving Gold Star family

Proclaimed there were “good people on both sides” at Charlottesville, when one side included white supremacists who had just committed murder

Tried to ban a people based on their religion, in a country founded on principles of religious freedom

Denigrated the service and suffering of John McCain, and by extension all prisoners of war

Humiliated the United States at Helsinki by taking the Russian dictator’s word over our own intelligence agencies

Tried to strong arm Ukraine into damaging the family of his political opponent prior to the 2020 election

Turned the attorney general into his own personal mob lawyer

Called African nations “shithole countries”

Attacked and defamed our electoral process as “rigged” even before the 2020 election took place … and continued to spread this damaging claim even after being rebuked by the Supreme Court …

Let’s not even talk about his heartbreaking mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis.

You can’t walk away now, even though you are outraged that he incited a terrorist attack on our nation’s Capitol building that has resulted in four deaths

It’s too late. If you stood by him after all those other things …

                                                You will ALWAYS be standing alongside him.