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Upon a Time: How Fairy Tale Feeds Fiction

Published May 10, 2016 by Philip Ivory


Tucson writer friends … unlock the mythic story-telling power of fairy tales, and enrich your own writing. Join our friends at Tucson Writers Studio for this enthralling and illuminating event at Tucson Hop Shop on Saturday, May 14.

Beer and fairy tales, a combination devoutly to be wished!

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Source: Upon a Time: How Fairy Tale Feeds Fiction

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

Published November 30, 2015 by Philip Ivory

I subscribe to Fantasy & Science Fiction.  It includes writing by top names in the genre, but it’s also been known to feature up and coming writers.  I’ve submitted to it but haven’t connected yet. It’s well known as one of the hardest markets to hit.  But if you’re interested in high quality genre fiction, and want to know that latest currents and trends in sci-fi and fantasy, check it out.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to submit something.

The award-winning Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, founded in 1949. The original publisher of Stephen King’s Dark Tower, Daniel Keyes’s Flowers for Algernon, and Walter M. Miller’s A Canticle for Leibowitz.

Source: Fantasy and Science Fiction – Writers’ Guidelines