Followup: Light to Dark: Using Mood to Create an Effective Narrator

Published March 31, 2017 by Philip Ivory

I just wanted to thank everyone who was able to show up on March 23 for our Writer Studios lecture event, “Light to Dark: Using Mood to Create an Effective Narrator.”

We got a sizable crowd that filled up most of the space at our location, a meeting room in the Woods Memorial Library. Many old friends were there, some who had taken our classes before, and some who seemed to be new faces.

Reneé Bibby (at podium), director of the Tucson branch of Writers Studio, was the moderator, and I was one of the panelists, along with Lilian Vercauteren (left side of table) and Donna Aversa (center). It was really fun to be part of the discussion and talk about examples from our own work to illustrate how we had made certain technical choices to sustain a viable narrator and evoke effective mood.

Writers Studio hopes to have more such events in the coming year, focusing on choices we all make to be better writers. I’ll report on them here.


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