Freeing the Stories Inside You: Writers Studio Tucson

Published September 22, 2016 by Philip Ivory

Tucson writer friends!

Do you have stories inside you, bursting to get out? Do you have the longing to write fiction or poetry, but perhaps lack the confidence to know how to judge and develop your own material? Feel stalled, stunted or blocked?

Take a class at the Writers Studio. Different days and times are available to suit your schedule. Writers Studio exercises will jumpstart your creativity and help you unleash new expressive voices from within. Our teachers are highly skilled and adept at nurturing and encouraging your creative expression.

Sign up today! Classes begin the first week in October.


2 comments on “Freeing the Stories Inside You: Writers Studio Tucson

  • Phil-

    Is there a way to contact you directly? Perhaps you could include a contact or email link on your site. After all, you have some fans — some of whom have been following your work for decades — that might want to drop you a line sometime!

    Gary Brown
    CC ’85


  • Hey old friend. Great to hear from you. I know we shared our first writing teacher, Raymond Kennedy, in a different century and millennium.

    WordPress strrongly discourages us from posting an email, for spam robot attack reasons, but your post is making me take a look at how to fix that.

    In the meantime, maybe you could look me up on Facebook at Let’s catch up!


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