Fiction Publication: “On Hyacinth Mountain”

Published May 1, 2016 by Philip Ivory


From “On Hyacinth Mountain” by Philip Ivory

He came across a boy, perhaps eight, blondish, crouched, examining ants in the dirt.
“Hello,” said Bradford.
Not looking up, the boy said: “They’re taking it apart.” Bradford leaned in to see a grasshopper, still writhing as ants partitioned chunks off to carry away.
“Are your parents here?”
“You think you’re smart. You shouldn’t have come back,” said the boy in a glum sulky tone. “One time too many.”

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I’m pleased to announce that my story, “On Hyacinth Mountain,” has been published in the May 2016 issue of “Devolution Z” magazine.

“Devolution Z” is subtitled “The Horror Magazine,” which should give you a clue that “On Hyacinth Mountain” comes from the grimmer, scarier end of the story spectrum.

So yes, the story’s a bit grisly and depraved but, I hope, not bereft of literary quality.

I developed the story last fall while taking the Advanced Class at Tucson Writers Studio, taught by Renee Bibby. Renee and my fellow students provided excellent feedback to help me deepen the story. I only began sending it out in April and, after a rejection or two, “Devolution Z”‘s acceptance came rather quickly.Embed from Getty Images

Sorry, this time you’ll have to buy the magazine to read the story. Follow the link to Devolution Z, which will take you to Amazon where you can order either a digital version for Kindle ($2.99) or a print copy ($6.99 cheap!).

It’s the first time a story of mine will be available on Kindle or in a physical publication, so I couldn’t be more excited. I’m really grateful to the dark, twisted minds at “Devolution Z” for welcoming me into their fearsome fold.

Two of my other fiction pieces continue to be on the schedule for publication in “Bewildering Stories” and “Mystic Illuminations.” I’ll let you know when they go online.

If you get a chance to read “On Hyacinth Mountain,” I’d love to hear your comments, so feel free to share here on the blog. Thanks, and don’t read it with the lights out!

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