Two New Fiction Acceptances

Published February 24, 2016 by Philip Ivory

I’m very excited to announce that within the space of about a week, I received word that two fiction pieces of mine have been accepted for publication in two different online journals. That’s in addition to my first published piece, “The Dead Outnumber the Living,” which was published in Dali’s Lovechild last December.

One of the new stories, “The Yellow Man” is quite substantial, officially a novelette. And a spooky, moody one, to boot. It is slated to go online in “Bewildering Stories” on March 15. I understand it may be broken into pieces to accommodate its length.

The second new endeavor is a flash fiction piece titled “Apparition on the Threshold,” only about 600 words. I didn’t know if I would ever find a home for this mysterious, otherworldly piece, an account of an uncanny childhood vision that may or may not have happened … or perhaps never will. I was delighted to find an online journal called “Mystic Illuminations” that said “Apparition on the Threshold” was right up their alley. It should be online soon.

Both stories were developed with the help of the teachers and students at Writers Studio Tucson, where I’m working to further my skills.

I’ll post again on each piece when they are available online, telling a bit more about their genesis and development. Stay tuned. Thanks.

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